Filing A Claim

Claim Procedure:

  1. Prior to starting a repair, the repair facility must verify the vehicle is covered under a valid Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems Extended Warranty.
    • Verify extended warranty coverage, or contact Hendrickson TOLL FREE at 1.866.755.5968
  2. The repair facility must contact Hendrickson and provide the 17-digit VIN, customer name, and suspension model.
  3. Hendrickson will verify the extended warranty coverage and provide the repair facility with an authorization number to complete the repair.
  4. If the failure is warrantable, the repair facility must complete the repair and file a extended warranty claim with Hendrickson
    • If the Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems Extended Warranty coverage was purchased through the vehicle manufacturer at the extended warranty claim must be filed through the respective vehicle manufacturer
    • If the Hendrickson Extended Warranty coverage was purchased directly through Hendrickson, the repair facility should complete the Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems Extended Warranty Claim Form and submit it via email or FAX along with a copy of the repair order
    • If the suspension is under the base vehicle manufacturer's warranty suspension coverage, file the claim with the vehicle manufacturer
    • NOTE: The repair facility is required to hold the warranty material that is claimed to be defective for 45 days subject to Hendrickson evaluation. Failure to hold the material may result in partial or complete loss of coverage.
  5. Hendrickson will reimburse the repair facility for parts and labor per the documented rates.

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