Safety & Environmental

Environmental, Health and Safety

Hendrickson is committed to achieving environmental, health and safety (EHS) excellence and to sustaining our efforts as an industry leader in protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers and our communities. Hendrickson commits to:

  • Establish systems for managing environmental, health and safety practices
  • Advance the health and safety systems through certification / recognition in the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), ISO 45001: 2018 Health and Safety Management System and / or Hendrickson's Global Safety Excellence certification (international facilities)
  • Advance the environmental systems through certification / recognition in the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System or the EPA's National Environmental Performance track
  • Provide opportunities for personnel to actively participate in the EHS systems.

Hendrickson Corporate EHS Policy
Welding Safety

EHS Certifications and Partnerships

At Hendrickson, we are proud of our efforts to provide a safe and healthy workplace and to be stewards of the environment. We are pleased when others recognize the good work of our operating sites. Below is a list of awards and recognitions achieved at Hendrickson facilities across the globe. 

Hendrickson Location Saftey/Health Environmental
Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems
Kendallville, IN logo_vpp.png logo_iso14001.png
Lebanon, KY   logo_iso14001.png
Stratford, Ontario GSXlogo.png logo_iso14001.png
Piedras Negras, Mexico logo_ISO_45001-2018-(1).png logo_iso14001.png
Woodridge, IL   logo_iso14001.png
Specialty Products
Hebron, OH   logo_iso14001.png
Joliet, IL logo_vpp.png logo_iso14001.png
Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems
Canton, OH logo_vpp.png  
Canton, R&D, OH logo_vpp.png  
Lebanon, IN logo_vpp.png  
Lebanon, Aftermarket, IN logo_vpp.png  
Mitchell, SD logo_vpp.png  
Brake and Wheel-End Group
Berea, KY   logo_iso14001.png
Chattanooga, TN   logo_iso14001.png
Dandenong, Australia   logo_iso14001.png
Wellingborough, UK logo_ISO_45001-2018-(1).png logo_iso14001.png
Chatenois, France logo_ISO_45001-2018-(1).png logo_iso14001.png
Douai, France logo_ISO_45001-2018-(1).png logo_iso14001.png
Judenburg, Austria logo_ISO_45001-2018-(1).png logo_iso14001.png
Sibiu, Romania logo_ISO_45001-2018-(1).png logo_iso14001.png
Torun, Poland logo_ISO_45001-2018-(1).png logo_iso14001.png

EHS Resources/Links

logo_vpp.png OSHA VPP Program


logo_iso14001.png   ISO 14001: 2015

logo_ISO_45001-2018-(2).png   ISO 45001: 2018

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