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The Truth About Bumpers

Thanks to advanced materials and state of the art metal forming technologies, Hendrickson's lightweight aerodynamic metal bumpers are more corrosive resistant and durable then ever. AERO CLAD's stainless steel finish is 10 times thicker than chrome plating. The clad material provides a mirror bright surface that resists corrosion - even after damage from impact. 

The Truth About Bumpers

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Hendrickson replacement bumpers are available through the OEM truck dealer network and can be ordered through the dealer network ship direct program or the Parts Distribution Centers (PDC).

There are several ways to find your bumper part number:

  1. Use the Hendrickson bumper specification tool for the most up to date collection of bumper configurations.
  2. Contact your local dealer.
  3. Call Hendrickson customer service at 815.727.4031.

All Hendrickson bumpers have a part number, either OE or All Makes stamped in the bottom flange of the bumper.


Unless specific hardware is supplied with your bumper, Hendrickson recommends using the OEM mounting bolts and torque specifications. Additionally, we recommend using nylon or plastic washers between any hardware that contacts the outer surface of your bumper.

Combining stainless steel with lightweight aluminum, AERO CLAD provides significant weight savings. AERO CLAD bumpers resist cracking, peeling, fading, pitting and corrosion. The bright mirror finish is 10x's thicker than chrome. All AERO CLAD bumpers are backed by a five-year unlimited mileage warranty.

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Fuel consumption testing proves AERO CLAD® bumper technology offers fuel efficiency without compromise

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Which Bumper is Right for You?

Today’s fleets have more choices than ever when it comes to bumpers. From weight to corrosion-resistant materials, this white paper is a guide that looks at all the factors that need consideration when choosing a bumper for the best total cost of ownership.

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