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ZMD vs. Spring

Over the years, we’ve tried many unconventional ways to try and show how much better ZMD is than a traditional leaf spring design.

ZMD vs. Spring

MAXX22T  Optimized Air Disc Brakes

Hendrickson MAXX22T offers significant weight savings over similar designs.

MAXX22T Optimized Air Disc Brakes

TIREMAAX® PRO Tire Pressure Control System

The TIREMAAX® PRO trailer tire pressure control system helps fleets and owner operators in their efforts to minimize costly tire wear and improve productivity and fuel mileage.


ULTRAA-K® Optimized Slider Suspension

The ULTRAA-K® suspension system is engineered with an optimized strength-to-weight ratio, making it stronger than comparable standard and heavy duty 40K slider models in the market today. It is the lightest slider suspension system in the industry by nearly 100 pounds.

ULTRAA-K Optimized Slider Suspension

ZMD® Zero Maintenance Damping

This patented air spring provides uniform and consistent damping over the life of the air spring.

ZMD - Zero Maintenance Damping


There are two ways to increase the lift when using a UBL system.
   Option 1: Increase Ride Height

   Option 2: Convert to a Hendrickson low-ride suspension, if possible.

  • If currently using a Hendrickson top-mount suspension consider switching to a Hendrickson low-ride suspension, to help provide more lift when using a UBL system.  
  • Remember, the original manufacturer of the trailer should be contacted for approval and recommendations before making any modifications to the trailer. 

For additional assistance regarding specific trailers or applications, contact the Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems product engineering department in the United States at 866-RIDEAIR (743-3247), in Canada at 905-789-1030 or in Mexico at +52 (442) 296-3600.

Start with choosing products that offer good corrosion-resistant coatings.
Second, work with the component supplier to determine the proper coating cleaning and maintenance specifications, and implement a cleaning/maintenance schedule to extend the life of the coating.
Regular inspections will also help to identify corrosion issues early enough to address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

Both TIREMAAX PRO and CP models are set to a specified target pressure for inflation. As long as the pressure in the trailer air tank is above the target pressure, the TIREMAAX controller will continuously supply and maintain tire pressure at target.
For TIREMAAX PRO, all check valves or wheel valves are open to allow air flow in both directions, equalizing pressure across all wheel positions. PRO also has the ability to relieve pressure from over-inflated tires. The relief pressure is set at 10 psi above the cold target pressure. If tire pressure goes above this setting, the TIREMAAX PRO controller will exhaust air and maintain pressure at the preset relief value.

No. Brakes should be chosen based on the highest required load and no higher. For instance, hub, suspension, axle and tire ratings may all differ on a given trailer, ranging from 17,000 to 26,000 pounds or higher depending on the trailer application.
However, it is the minimum rated component of this group that determines the gross axle weight rating (GAWR), and brakes should be sized according to the GAWR.
Using an overrated brake lining on your application can lead to excess brake torque which can result in tire wear, brake wear, noise and trailer hop.

Please refer to Hendrickson Literature No. L388 - Ride Height Settings for your designed height, minimum height, and maximum height per your suspension model.

You can find your brake ratings on Hendrickson Literature No. L809 Consolidated Certificate of Compliance for Air Actuated Brakes



PLUS+, “Parts Look Up System,” to help with all of your serviceable parts and cross reference needs.

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Calculate the Return on Investment for your fleet by installing TIREMAAX PRO Tire Inflation System on your trailers.

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Shockless ZMD

ZMD® technology eliminates shock absorbers from the maintenance equation by integrating the damping function traditionally performed by the shock within the air spring itself.


Hendrickson MAXX22T

Arm yourself with simple tools to help identify, stock, train for and maintain today’s trailer ADB systems, making the prospect of servicing and maintaining this emerging technology less daunting.



TIREMAAX PRO balances tire pressure at every wheel position. Continuous monitoring and adjusting of tire pressure is based on changing environmental conditions.

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Hendrickson offers a variety of manual and automatic controls to exhaust air suspensions, various air and electric-over-air liftable controls, as well as height control and pressure protection valves. Check out our digital version of L1182 - Controls Parts List Catalog.

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