Single Axle Slider

VANTRAAX HKANT 23K Single Axle Slider

VANTRAAX® HKANT 23K is a single axle slider that is up to 200 lbs. lighter than competitive systems.  VANTRAAX, developed to serve the needs of dry freight, refrigerated and specialty van trailers, combines our superior K-2® slider box technology with our patented INTRAAX® — the integrated suspension/axle/brake system recognized for its durable performance and light-weight design. This winning combination of legendary durability and road-proven reliability results in the enduring value of VANTRAAX.

Hendrickson recommends reviewing our application guide when choosing the suspension that best meets your needs.  
 L707 Application Guide

VANTRAAX HKANT 23K Single Axle Slider

Features and Benefits

  • Single-axle slider
  • Up to 200 lbs. lighter than most competitive systems
  • Air disc brakes available
  • 23,000-lb. capacity

*Large-Diameter Axle (LDA™) on indicated models


Axle System Capacity1
Axle Diameter
Box Width
Ride Height2,3
Base Model Weight4 (LBS.)
HKANT 23K Single 23K LDA 42, 48, 54 16 and 17 7875

1. Capacity of slider suspension system including slider box, suspensions and axles. Brakes, wheels and tires rated separately.

2. Suspension ride heights must be set within Hendrickson specifications in order to ensure proper suspension performance. Failure to maintain proper ride height settings can lead to suspension, axle or trailer damage. Varying ride heights between suspensions may impact equalization.

3. To calculate total system height for HKANT, HKAT and HKAL sliders, add the suspension ride height and 8.5 inches for the slider box. For HKARL ramp-ready sliders, add the suspension ride height and 14 inches for the slider box.

4. Weight includes slider, suspension(s), HN axle(s), foundation brakes and manual pin-pull mechanism for 48-inch wide slider box. Tridem weights are based on 72-inch axle spacing.

5. Model is standard with QUIK-DRAW® pin-pull mechanism. Weight noted accordingly.  


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