R / RS

Solid Mount Rear Suspension

R / RS Solid Mount Rear Suspension

The R™ rear suspension solid mount is an extra heavy-duty suspension used in severe service applications where maximum roll stability is essential.

The RS™ rear suspension with specially formulated rubber load cushions, is engineered to maximize payload in high center-of-gravity and offset-load applications.

The R and RS are extra heavy-duty suspensions used in severe service applications where maximum roll stability is essential.

R / RS Solid Mount Rear Suspension

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for severe-duty applications and maximum stability requirements
  • Solid mount saddle is constructed of rugged, heavy-duty steel and offers uncompromising roll stability
  • Proven equalizing beam design provides exceptional axle articulation for punishing job sites
  • Lightweight for added payload capacity
  • Bar pin beam end connections extend service life and allow axle alignment capability for increased tire life
  • Ideal for use with lift axles
  • Weight ratings up to 120,000 lbs. to meet higher capacity requirements


Model Capacity
Installed Weight1
Site Travel2
Rating (lbs.)
R 40,000 903 55,000 73,000 160,000
R 46,000 930 60,000 80,000 190,000
R 50,000 1,047 65,000 80,000 225,000
R 52,000 1,110 65,000 80,000 245,000
RS 403 40,000 1,030 55,000 73,000 160,000 
RS 463 46,000 1,086 60,000 80,000  190,000
RS 503 50,000 1,175 65,000 80,000  225,000
RS 523 52,000 1,225 65,000 80,000 245,000 

1. Installed weight is for 54-inch axle spacing and includes complete suspension, torque rods, axle brackets, and frame brackets.

2. Site Travel Rating — Operators using vehicles equipped with liftable pusher or tag axles must not exceed published ratings. Ratings are limited to no more than five percent of vehicle operation at a speed not to exceed five mph. Liftable pusher or tag axles should be raised (or unloaded) to improve vehicle maneuverability in off-road use or when vehicle is empty. Site travel ratings are consistent with specifications and must not be exceeded.


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