Severe-Duty Vocational Rear Air Suspension System

PRIMAAX EX Air Suspension System

With its rugged, weight efficient design, PRIMAAX® EX is a severe-duty vocational rear air suspension that delivers advanced suspension technology for the rigorous demands of vocational, severe-service, and heavy-haul applications. The system features a robust structural design with optimized suspension geometry for exceptional stability, handling and ride. Suspension-induced driveline vibration is significantly reduced with PRIMAAX EX compared to competitive trailing-arm air suspensions, resulting in higher driver comfort and less premature wear on expensive truck and body equipment.

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Warranty Rates

Term (Unlimited Miles) Axles Direct Pricing (USD)
OE Base 1 Year + 1 Year Single $345
OE Base 1 Year + 1 Year Tandem $465
OE Base 1 Year + 1 Year Tridem $615
OE Base 1 Year + 2 Years Single $465
OE Base 1 Year + 2 Years Tandem $615
OE Base 1 Year + 2 Years Tridem $790
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PRIMAAX EX Air Suspension System

Standard Repair Time (SRT)

Parts Standard Repair Times Coverage Under Extended Warranty
U-beam Assembly 2 Hours per Assembly
Frame Hanger 2 Hours per Hanger
Clamp Group (top pad and/or bottom cap) 1.5 Hours per side
D-pin Bushing 0.25 Hour per Bushing  
QUIK-ALIGN Bushing 0.25 Hour per Bushing  
Air Spring One Hour per Air Spring  
Height Control Valve One - 0.75 hours  
Shock Absorber 0.5 Hour per Shock Absorber  
Transverse Torque Rod 1.5 Hours per Torque Rod  
Longitudinal Torque Rod 1.0 Hour per Torque Rod  
U-bolt 1 Hour per Set  

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