Hendrickson Chassis Axle

HCA / Hendrickson Chassis Axle The Hendrickson Chassis Axle® (HCA®) is the latest addition to our full line of industry-standard, low-maintenance axles. A superb choice for intermodal chassis applications, HCA supplies a one-piece axle bar with hot-formed spindles.
HCA / Hendrickson Chassis Axle

Features and Benefits

Standard Features


  • Straight five-inch diameter
  • Patented axle filter
  • Heat treated, hot-formed spindles
  • 22,500-pound capacity
  • 71.5-inch axle track


  • Automated wheel bearing adjustment
  • Axle nut system with star lock washer
  • Stamped steel internally vented hubcaps
  • Grease lubrication


  • Five-spoke cast ductile iron hubs


  • 20,000-pound capacity
  • 16.5 x 7-inch standard service — fast change shoes using Abex 3030-197 lining
  • E-coated shoes
  • Machined S-cams with hardened head, journals and splines
  • Heavy-duty cast iron brake drums
  • Bendix automatic six-inch brake adjusters

Optional Features

  • 77.5-inch axle track
  • Hub piloted wheels
  • Extended service brake linings
  • Extended brake shoe corrosion protection warranty
  • ABS ready featuring Bendix sensors — other sensors available
  • Bendix 5.5-inch brake adjusters
  • No brake adjusters
  • Bendix type 30/30 air chambers

Internally Vented Hubcap

  • Hub vented into axle tube using the patented axle filter
  • Extends wheel seal life
  • Eliminates potential contaminants from external hubcap vent
  • No hubcap vent to plug


Contact Hendrickson for specifications and Hendrickson or vehicle manufacturer for availability.


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