Long Travel Trailing Arm

Severe-Duty Air Suspension System

LONG TRAVEL TRAILING ARM / Severe-Duty Air Suspension

Hendrickson’s Long Travel Trailing Arm Suspension is ideal for military and severe-duty applications requiring the ultimate in wheel travel for outstanding maneuverability in severe environments while protecting driver and vehicle equipment. Simplify vehicle integration with less system complexity, more weight savings and less maintenance over competitive independent suspensions at a fraction of the cost. This suspension allows a variety of packaging, ride heights, ride tuning and stability requirements for a fully customizable design to meet the stringent performance characteristics demanded by the military and commercial markets.

LONG TRAVEL TRAILING ARM / Severe-Duty Air Suspension

Features and Benefits

Premium options available for full customization and optimal performance


  • V-Rod or Longitudinal / Transverse torque rod available for packaging variations


  • Various technologies and mounting solutions available to tailor damping characteristics and ride tuning


  • Robust design allow exceptional wheel travel
  • Large volume air springs provide low spring rates similar to independent suspensions to maximize ride quality
  • Coil springs optional

Trailing Arm and Frame Hanger

  • Fabricated design made with high strength materials to handle treacherous environments to reach over 12 inches of wheel travel

Axle Connection

  • Through bolt design fits most industry-standard military axles
  • Genuine Hendrickson axle connection bushing


  • Supplement this system for active ride height control


Suspension Capacity Axle Configurations Axle Spacing
27,000 lbs. per axle Single, Tandem, Tridem Up to 56 inches


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