HK Slider Series

The HK™ SERIES combines our HT™ SERIES suspensions with the superior K-2® slider box, resulting in a sliding tandem system that is ideal for a variety of applications.

Hendrickson recommends reviewing our application guide when choosing the suspension that best meets your needs.  
 L707 Application Guide

HK Slider Series

Features and Benefits

  • Available in 40,000 and 46,000 lb. capacities
  • Ride heights range from 9 to 19 inches (model dependent)
  • Features unique "K" shaped bracing for more air tank and auxiliary component room
  • Accommodates either 96-inch or 102-inch wide trailers
  • An optional 40,000-lb. ramp-ready system is available — easily installs to provide a spacious ramp bay

K-2® Slider Box and Rails — More Strength, Less Weight

  • Slides easily on durable, full-length slider pads
  • High-strength, long-life body rails of grade 80 steel available with four- or six-inch pin hole spacing
  • Patented "K" bracing absorbs road jolts
  • Unmatched strength-to-weight ratio gives longer life

Unparalleled Support

  • 5-year/500,000-mile structural warranty
  • Backed by thousands of dealers
  • Off-the-shelf replacement parts


  • Proven technology provides mile after mile of worry-free service
  • Voids positioned to optimally absorb all road forces
  • The ideal combination of ride softness and roll stability
  • Specially formulated rubber compound stands up to the toughest operating conditions
  • Only two long-life bushings in each suspension — fewer than any other design
  • Five- or seven-year warranty depending on application

Rigid Trailing Arm/Solid Axle Connection

  • Simplicity of design reduces the number of moving parts, bushings and fasteners for minimal maintenance
  • Provides superior stability while eliminating torque rods and stabilizer bars
  • Eliminates retorquing requirements
  • Low spring rate for exceptional ride quality
  • Compatible with industry standard axles
  • Large bore shocks for longer life

QUIK-ALIGN® Pivot Connection (Standard on Most Models)

  • Provides quick, easy axle realignment
  • Save time and money should axle realignment become necessary
  • TORQ-RITE® shear bolt eliminates guesswork
  • Realign using standard tools — no torque wrench or welding required
  • Optimize tire life

Limit Trailer Drop and Walk

  • Optional SURELOK® for safer loading and unloading
    • Limits vertical and horizontal movement
    • Holds trailer at ride height
    • Activates automatically with trailer parking brakes
  • Manual and automatic dump valve options
    • Limits trailer drop and walk
    • Maintains load on internal bumpers

First Fully-Pneumatic Slider Pin Activation

  • Optionally equipped with QUIK-DRAW® pneumatic pin-pull mechanism
    • Driver-friendly valve — finger-tip operation
    • Increases driver safety and satisfaction while maximizing productivity
    • Automatic reset engages pins when parking brake releases
  • Standard pin release features easy-to-operate lift handle


  HK190T HK230
Capacity: 40,000 lbs (18 000 kg) 46,000 lbs (20 700 kg)
*Axle Data: 5-inch diameter round 
Axle Arrangement: 49-inch maximum tandem spacing 
Pin-Pull Mechanism:   Fully pneumatic QUIK-DRAW®
Frame Types: Steel only; 96-inch or 102-inch wide trailers 

*Hendrickson Recommends 0.625" nominal wall thickness.



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