HAS 40LH/400

Heavy Duty Air Suspension

HAS 40LH/400 Heavy-duty Vocational Air Suspension (HAS 40K/46K)

Hendrickson’s HAS™ 40K/46K air suspensions provide excellent on- and off-highway performance, ride quality, and cargo protection. Both HAS 40K and HAS 46K are approved for use with lift axles and up to 25 percent off-highway operation. In addition, the HAS family of suspensions is available with optional EDGE System to help reduce driveline vibration.

HAS 40LH/400 Heavy-duty Vocational Air Suspension (HAS 40K/46K)

Features and Benefits

Superior Ride

  • Shock absorbers tuned for optimum damping characteristics to provide maximum driving comfort.
  • Air springs adjust to changing load conditions to deliver superb ride quality.
  • Extended-length main support member generates lower spring rate for optimized roll stiffness, providing a more comfortable and compliant ride.

Exceptional Stability & Handling

  • Main support members provides neutral roll steer for better handling.
  • Durable ULTRA ROD® enhances handling during cornering by controlling lateral forces to maintain axle position.

Reduced Maintenance

  • Durable pivot bushing connection provides quite operation and helps extend suspension service life.


Model Capacity (lbs.) Weight 1(lbs.)
HAS 12K 12,000 396
HAS 15K 15,000 396
HAS 19K 19,000 423
HAS 21K 21,000 454
HAS 23K 23,000 470

1. Installed weight includes suspension, torque rods, axle brackets, and frame brackets.



File Name Rev. Date Size


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