Next Generation 20K Truck Steerable Lift Axle

COMPOSILITE EXS20 Next Generation 20K Truck Steerable Lift Axle

COMPOSILITE EXS TRUCK is Hendrickson’s innovative next generation of steerable lift-axle suspension systems engineered for enhanced durability and performance. Several technological advancements enabled Hendrickson to take this concept from theory to the road. Inset lower beams help to optimize lateral stiffness and to eliminate the need for V-rods. Zero-torsion rubber bushings provide increased service life and lower cost of ownership with reduced down-time. The patented STEERTEK axle technology increases structural durability and incorporates bolt-on axle seats for easier serviceability and re-configuration, thereby lowering the cost of ownership. In addition, the more robust COMPOSILITE EXS has a stellar 7-year structural warranty.

COMPOSILITE EXS20 Next Generation 20K Truck Steerable Lift Axle

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable frame width and ride height allow for stocking of one suspension to meet several different needs.
  • Fabricated knuckle and integrated brake reduce overall weight of suspension and allow for Ackermann customization.
  • CTR Technology is designed to lower maintenance costs and increase uptime by providing a resilientimpact resistant tie-rod assembly.
  • Optimized linear damper eliminates coil spring and improves service life.
  • Single lift spring design provides greater maneuverability and improved performance
  • Parallelogram design ensures lift plates remain parallel for longer air spring life while maintaining proper wheel tracking
  • Delivers up to 9 inches of lift and 12 inches of axle travel for excellent ground clearance
  • Simple design and fewer parts translate to easy installation and less maintenance
  • Also available in kit form with no axle


Model Capacity Approx. Truck Weight Approx. Trailer Weight Hanger to Axle Spacing Wheel Cut
PST 20,000 LBS. 1,340 LBS. COMING SOON! 26.5" 25°
PST KIT 13,200 LBS.1 405 LBS. 405 LBS. 27.5" 22°
PST KIT 20,000 LBS.2 435 LBS. 28" 25°


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