Super Dump Non-Steerable Tag Lift Axle

COMPOSILITE EXF-SD Super Dump Non-Steer Tag Lift Axle

COMPOSILITE EXF-SD Super Dump is a non-Steer tag lift axle with value added options and enhanced design features that offer lower cost of ownership.

COMPOSILITE EXF-SD Super Dump Non-Steer Tag Lift Axle

Features and Benefits

Inset Lower Beams

  • Optimized lateral stiffness
  • Eliminates the need for V-rods

Weld-Free Hanger Design

  • No welding on side rail hangers minimizes stress risers to prolong product life
  • Flat hanger design allows for flexibility of bolt hole patterns

Zero-Torsion Rubber Bushings

  • Provide increased durability and bushing life
  • Longer bushing life promotes less downtime

Secondary Bump Stop

  • Under extreme axle loading, the EX design for both steer and non-steer models incorporates a secondary mechanical bump stop (figure B) that transmits any additional loading into the axle seat - to further protect the beam from potential damage.


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New Product Enhancements

  • Inset lower beams improve lateral stability
  • Longer life zero-torsion rubber bushings
  • Comes with 68.5 in. axle track length
  • Extended bump stops added for extreme axle loading conditions
  • Improved durability allows for increased structural warranty coverage on this EX brand*
  • Has 7/8 in. pivot bolts - with the geometry of the suspension design divides longitudinal loads


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