Integrated Front Air Suspension and Steer Axle System

AIRTEK Integrated Front Air Suspension and Steer Axle System

Save up to 97 pounds with AIRTEK. With a unique design that provides increased stability, improved ride and comfort, and reduced maintenance, AIRTEK is the industry’s first front air suspension and steer axle system. Combined with Hendrickson’s STEERTEK™ NXT axle, AIRTEK can offer up to 97 pounds of weight savings over standard suspensions for applications rated between 12,000 – 14,000 pounds.

AIRTEK Integrated Front Air Suspension and Steer Axle System

Features and Benefits

Driver Comfort

  • Air springs support the majority of the vehicle load while providing low spring rate and extremely soft ride.
  • Premium shock absorbers are tuned specifically for AIRTEK.

Stability and Handling

  • Integrated design allows optimized steering geometry for reduced bump steer and wheel kick.
  • The rigid front leaf spring attaches securely to the box section axle, forming a torsion system for enhanced roll stability.
  • AIRTEK and STEERTEK NXT deliver up to 50° wheel cut for improved maneuverability.
  • Height control valve maintains constant ride height.


  • AIRTEK offers up to 97 lbs. of weight savings when compared to a traditional forged axle and steel spring.

Maintenance and Durability

  • Premium kingpin bushings and seals provide enhanced protection from the elements to improve bushing life.
  • Maintenance-free bushings and the two-piece knuckle reduce overall system maintenance.
  • Air springs reduce vibration to cab, chassis, and engine components.
  • Available OEM unitized hubs for extended wheel bearing life.

Brake Compatibility

  • Compatible with drum or disc brakes.
  • Accepts both 5/8" and 3/4" brake hardware.


File Name Rev. Date Size
45745-194 AIRTEK Brochure N 01/20 0.58 MB
45745-194FR AIRTEK French Brochure M 04/15 0.4 MB
45745-227 - Freightliner AIRTEK Brochure D 04/12 0.59 MB
45745-307 - Volvo AIRTEK Sell Sheet C 03/20 0.52 MB
45745-396 Cascadia Evolution AIRTEK Flyer A 01/20 0.61 MB
45745-505 - Western Star AIRTEK Flyer - 01/20 0.51 MB
45745-505FR - Western Star AIRTEK French Flyer 04/20 0.49 MB
45745-506 - Mack AIRTEK Flyer A 04/20 0.5 MB
45745-517 - AIRTEK IC Bus Flyer 03/20 1.22 MB
Parts List
SP-169 - AIRTEK with STEERTEK NXT Axle Parts List for Freightliner/Western Star/Sterling I 09/19 2.09 MB
SP-174 AIRTEK Parts List for Volvo Vehicles J 02/17 0.89 MB
SP-180 AIRTEK Parts List for Mack Vehicles H 02/17 0.87 MB
SP-182 STEERTEK NXT · SOFTEK · AIRTEK Parts List for International Truck I 08/19 2.06 MB
SP-313 AIRTEK Parts List for Hoist Lift Truck T Series B 11/18 0.95 MB
SEU-0215 AIRTEK Bulletin-Freightliner/Sterling/Western Star Vehicles A 06/04 0.12 MB
SEU-0220 AIRTEK Bulletin-Volvo Dual Height Control Valves A 04/05 0.2 MB
SEU-0223 STEERTEK NXT/STEERTEK Tie Rod Assemblies & Ends Technical Bulletin E 07/20 0.22 MB
SEU-0224 AIRTEK Technical Bulletin-Mack Dual Height Control Valves A 02/06 0.19 MB
SEU-0226 AIRTEK Technical Bulletin for Volvo HCV and Air Spring Assembly A 08/06 0.24 MB
SEU-0227 STEERTEK Bulletin-Unauthorized Axle Camber Modifications A 06/11 0.26 MB
17730-236 AIRTEK Freightliner Vehicles Pre-delivery Inspection and Preventive Maintenance B 12/13 0.45 MB
17730-243 AIRTEK · STEERTEK NXT for Freightliner · Western Star · Sterling Tech Procedure F 10/19 8.8 MB
17730-247 AIRTEK - Volvo Tech Procedure G 07/12 7.51 MB
17730-250 AIRTEK - Mack Tech Procedure D 07/12 7.34 MB
17730-252 STEERTEK NXT · SOFTEK · AIRTEK International Truck Tech Procedure G 09/19 8.93 MB
59310-011 Kingpin Bushing Service Kit Assembly Instructions E 05/20 0.38 MB
59310-017 STEERTEK NXT · STEERTEK Thrust Bearing Service Kits Assembly Instructions C 05/20 0.35 MB
59310-026 AIRTEK for Volvo Dual HCV Ass'y Instructions A 01/06 0.51 MB
59310-030 AIRTEK-Mack Dual HCV Assembly Instructions A 04/06 0.44 MB
59310-034 AIRTEK Freightliner and Sterling Dual HCV Assembly Instructions C 07/09 0.34 MB
59310-053 AIRTEK Assembly Inst. for International Vehicles Equipped - Steering Stabilizer Kits A 08/11 0.41 MB
59310-065 AIRTEK for Freightliner Vehicles built prior to May 2016 C 12/17 0.53 MB
SEU-0102 STEERTEK NXT/STEERTEK Axle Technical Bulletin Towing Procedure C 09/11 0.34 MB
SEU-0211 AIRTEK Technical Bulletin New Height Adjustment Procedure A 01/02 0.1 MB
45745-271 STEERTEK NXT / STEERTEK Axle Limited Warranty Statement F 02/17 0.13 MB
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