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In more than 3 years of field testing, over 400 drivers from more than 80 fleets have tested our ULTIMAAX® premium severe-duty Elastomer suspension system under real life severe operating conditions.

"The impression of this suspension system is fantastic. Our company tested ULTIMAAX® for one month under real load and we are pleased with the stability of the truck while unloading, the superb handling performance in laden condition and considerably lower tyre wear."
 - Uwe Brandt, FISCHER Weilheim GmbH, Germany

With the feedback received we have continously updated the system performance. Today we are ready for serial production.

Features & benefits of ULTIMAAX®:

  •  Weight savings of around 250 kg
  •  Unique handling in laden conditions
  •  Load stability while unloading the truck
  •  Overload tolerant

ULTIMAAX® is extremely robust and the best choice in severe-duty environments where vehicles encounter harsh and unexpected ground conditions.

Now available at MAN exclusively.

For more details, please contact Mr. Jens Nestler ( or your local MAN dealer.

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