Hendrickson Has the Right Solution

October 29, 2020

Brand new, electrically powered Rosenbauer fire engines are currently being delivered to fire departments in Berlin, Amsterdam and Dubai. These vehicles are equipped with a solution selected by Hendrickson, the High Performance Air System (HPAS). The Hendrickson HPAS replaces conventional coil springs and damper technology while increasing performance. The system includes robust pneumatic cylinders with an adjustable height control system, which allows the vehicle to be raised and lowered from 175 mm to over 350 mm of ground clearance. The HPAS has a weight advantage compared to conventional coil springs and dampers of up to 50 percent and offers a reduction in the outer diameter of 60 percent compared to conventional air systems. The overall modular system improves maintenance, rolling stability and driving dynamics. Hendrickson developed the HPAS for the "Revolutionary Technology" (RT), which is being built by Rosenbauer in Leonding, Austria. Rosenbauer wanted to meet customer requirements for hight control while still relying on simple and maintenance-friendly technology. With the proven technology of HPAS and the competence of Hendrickson these requirements could be realized.

Hendrickson offers flexible, tailor-made solutions for every vehicle in a wide variety of applications as a system developer and system supplier.


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