Tested, marveled and convinced

March 18, 2022

At the end of 2019, we were allowed to test the then still red demo-truck from Hendrickson for four weeks.

When we subsequently received only positive feedback on the driving behavior from our drivers on the construction site and on the roads, it was clear to us that we would convert one of our existing vehicles to this chassis. The conclusion after more than 100,000 km: daily use without problems!
When the purchase of a MAN TGS was pending in 2021, it was immediately clear that this 4-axle truck would also be converted to Hendrickson ULTIMAAX. Meanwhile, 40,000 km have been completed without failures or workshop visits.

Due to the better stability when tipping, more payload, the more pleasant driving comfort, less tire wear on the two rear tandem axles and fuel savings due to less weight, we will continue to opt for a Hendrickson ULTIMAAX chassis in the future.

Uwe Brandt
FISCHER Weilheim



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