ZMD - Zero Maintenance Damping

Available as a premium option on selected INTRAAX® integrated air suspension models. ZMD™ technology eliminates shock absorbers from the maintenance equation by integrating the damping function traditionally performed by the shock within the air spring itself. ZMD air springs exchange pressurised air between the bellows and the piston. This patented air spring provides uniform and consistent damping over the life of the air spring.

ZMD - Zero Maintenance Damping

Features and Benefits

  • No shock absorbers required, reducing overall suspension maintenance
  • Superior ride quality and driver comfort
  • Uniform damping levels over the life of the air spring
  • Enhanced cargo protection
  • Increased trailer component life
  • No moving parts or hydraulic fluid
  • Concessional Mass Limits (CML) compliant


Model System Capacity (t) Ride Heights (inches) Notes
AANT230 10.4 14, 15, 15HC*, 16, 17 &19 Drum & Disc Brake
AANL230 10.4 7.5, 9LJ* & 10 Drum Brake
AAT250 11.3 14, 15, 15HC*, 16, 17 &19 Drum & Disc Brake
AAL250 11.3 7.5, 9LJ* & 10 Drum Brake

*HC: High Control, LJ: Limited Jounce.


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