November 9, 2020

Hendrickson Asia Pacific releases their CONNEX™ ST underslung self-steer trailer suspension system with drum brakes to compliment the previously released top mount model. CONNEX ST underslung combines Hendrickson’s proven HT250US suspension with its innovative steer axle technology and proven UBL™ lift system to deliver a compliant solution that offers maximised operating efficiency.

Introducing the new underslung model as well as having the top mount now completes the line-up and provides fleets and OEMs improved trailer manoeuvrability, reduced tyre wear and lower cost of life by offering an underslung steerable axle with the benefits of TIREMAAX™ PRO and HXL7®.

HXL7 Hendrickson extended-life wheel-end system boasts a 5-Year 1.2 million km on-highway warranty and TIREMAAX PRO advanced tyre pressure control system provides constant active inflation, relieving and equalising of tyre pressures.

CONNEX ST self-steer suspension helps operators meet applicable regulatory needs for steerable axle applications, including Australian Performance Based Standards (PBS).

CONNEX ST underslung is designed to be compatible with INTRAAX® AAL/AANL low ride suspensions and CONNEX ST top mount is compatible with INTRAAX AAT/AANT top mount. This provides fleets with the ability and peace of mind to have a complete Hendrickson solution across all their trailers.

Further information can be obtained from our website, sending an email to or by calling the Hendrickson team on 03 8792 3600.