ZMD™ “SHOCKLESS” Air Suspension

August 17, 2020

Hendrickson is proud to announce the launch of ZMD™ Zero Maintenance Damping™ in Australia. The ZMD system reduces overall suspension maintenance by eliminating the shock absorber, one of the major serviceable components. By integrating the damping function of the shock absorber into the air spring, the shock absorber can be eliminated. As the axle moves up and down, damping in the air spring is achieved by exchanging pressurised air between the bellows and the piston, meaning there is no hydraulic fluid or moving parts that wear over time.

ZMD provides fleets with lower maintenance costs, superior ride quality and greater cargo protection. Ideal for general freight applications and with tare weights as low as 394 kg (including hangers and brake chambers).

It is available as a premium option on selected INTRAAX® integrated air suspension models, which means you have the same benefits as INTRAAX such as the ability to run TIREMAAX™ PRO and HXL7®. TIREMAAX PRO is an advanced tyre pressure control system that automatically inflates, deflates and regulates tyre pressures and HXL7 is Hendrickson’s extended-life wheel bearing package with a 5-year 1.2 million km on-highway warranty.

Further information can be obtained from, sending an email to or by calling the Hendrickson sales team on 03 8792 3600.