Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India -  13th Quality Circle Competition

Hendrickson India Participated for the First Time in the ACMA Quality Circle Competition. Three Teams presented Quality Improvements in 2017-18.

ACMA Awards


Team 1- Significant Feature

Team 1Team 1 Award 

Team members: Jayram Bhangre, Jayant Gaikwad, Mohit Karnawat and Nitin Bhor

First Runner Up Award


   • Six Sigma Project
   • Daimler Spindle Radius Cpk improved 1.18 to 2.21
   • 100% Inspection and Rejection Avoided
   • Yearly cost saving  -- INR 2.3 Million = USD 33K
   • CNC machining Program Improved -- Cpk 2.21
   • Avoided 100% Inspection on Contour graph and Rejections

team 1 spindleSPC StudyTeam 1

Team 2 - Ankur

Team 2 AnkurTeam 2 Award

Team members: Manjunath Gutte, Vinayak Patil, Mangesh Wadatkar, Shashikant Vyavahare and Vishnu Pradhan

   • Straightening Machine Improvement Project
   • Roller Marks on Spindle during straightening operation are avoided
   • Automation implemented to break contact between Spindle and bearing while straightening the axle
   • Cost Saving – INR 1.1 Million = USD 16K
   • This avoided 100% Rework and Operator Fatigue

rollerRoller 2Roller 3

Team 3 - Sankalp

Team 3 SankalpTeam 3 Award

Team members: Deepak Lashkare, Prashant Shigwan, Sukhdev Gharal, Manoj Shinde and Datta More

   • Axle tube filler end plug welding rework elimination by implementing motor drive
   • 100% Elimination of Axle end filler plug leakage issue
   • Elimination of 1 Manpower for end plug weld process by Automation
   • Cost saving of INR 0.7 Million =  USD 10K

Tube FillerTube Filler 2 

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