Hendrickson Customer Testimonials

"After having AR2 installed, it has performed far superior to the extended leaf and our other suspensions, with an exceptionally smooth ride. With this innovative improvement on the Hendrickson walking beam suspension, we will be upgrading the remainder of our Hendrickson suspensions."

Tim Ward, Vice President

Mark Ward Trucking

"...A major improvement...The ride is 100% better, loaded or empty..."

Bill Church, Driver

Mark Ward Trucking

"The truck we installed the kit on was in yesterday and the customer is still literally riding on air... ...He has put approx 25,000km on the unit since the install and we just checked things out and took a few pictures yesturday. Everything is in place and tight, the customer said he has been on the worst roads he has ever seen and that if he still had springs on the unit is sure he would have destroyed his service box... ...I would like to see more of these conversions done and can't say enough about how simple it was to get a part number from engineering and how straight forward and affordable it is. "


Happy Customer