Independent Front Suspension


The Hendrickson IFSā„¢ delivers superior ride and handling compared to standard front mechanical and air suspensions. With up to 57 degrees of wheel cut, the IFS provides exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces. The cutting-edge short / long arm design provides superior handling both on the open highway and over rough roads. Capacities of 12,000 to 14,600 lbs.


Model Rating (lbs.) Front Suspension Weight (lbs.) 1 King Pin Intersection
IFS 12,000 1,560 74.96"
IFS 14,600  1,760 74.96"

IFS is rated for up to 10% off highway, other applications must be pre-approved by both Hendrickson and vehicle manufacturer. Contact Hendrickson or vehicle manufacturer for availability.

1. Suspension weight includes control arms, upright assemblies, cradle assembly, bushings, airbags and attachments, height control system, shocks, and upper shock brackets, knuckle/steering arm assemblies, tie rod assemblies (brakes included), and steering gear. Contact Hendrickson or vehicle manufacturer for final weight.

Features & Benefits

Outstanding Stability and Handling

Superb Ride

Maintenance and Durability

Up to 57 Degrees Wheel Cut

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