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OPTIMAAX Compliance Guide

This guide summarizes where OPTIMAAX operation complies with state operating authority regulations. Because state and provincial regulations are subject to change, links to the operating authority websites are included as an additional resource.

For more information, please contact your local Hendrickson representative.

State Status Notes Operating Authority Website
Alabama Compliant
Alaska Compliant With Conditions Configuration is compliant but axle is not computed in any allowable weight computation. Thus group is only allowed single axle maximum of 20,000 lbs.
Arizona Compliant
Arkansas Compliant
California Compliant
Colorado Compliant
Connecticut Compliant
Delaware Compliant
Florida Compliant
Georgia Compliant
Hawaii Compliant
Idaho Compliant
Illinois Compliant
Indiana Compliant
Iowa Compliant
Kansas Compliant
Kentucky Compliant
Louisiana Compliant
Maine Compliant
Maryland Compliant
Massachusetts Compliant
Michigan Compliant
Minnesota Compliant
Mississippi Compliant
Missouri Compliant
Montana Compliant
Nebraska Compliant
Nevada Compliant
New Hampshire Compliant
New Jersey Compliant
New Mexico Compliant
New York Compliant
North Carolina Compliant
North Dakota Compliant
Ohio Compliant
Oklahoma Compliant
Oregon Compliant
Pennsylvania Compliant
Rhode Island Compliant
South Carolina Compliant
South Dakota Compliant
Tennessee Compliant
Texas Compliant
Utah Not Compliant Lift axles must be steerable
Vermont Compliant
Virginia Compliant
Washington Compliant
Washington D.C. Compliant
West Virginia Compliant
Wisconsin Compliant
Wyoming Compliant Compliant if lift axle bears at least 8% of group
Canadian Provinces Not Compliant Refer to ‘Summary Information on MOU National Standards ‘ on Task Force on Vehicle Weights and Dimensions Policy page