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SOD Enrollment Form

Please fill out the following form to enroll in the Hendrickson Auxiliary Lift Axle SHIPPING ON DEMAND (SOD) Program. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).


The Shipping on Demand (SOD) Program is open only to parties within the continental United States, and is limited to orders of applicable SOD lift axles on an aftermarket basis. To apply for membership in the SOD Program, you must complete and submit the above enrollment form. Hendrickson will send you written confirmation once your enrollment form has been received and accepted. Orders under the SOD Program can only be placed by those members registered by Hendrickson.

The SOD Program includes two types of membership, Company Memberships and Individual Memberships. Companies may decide whether to (i) apply for a single Company Membership, or (ii) allow its employees to apply for their own Individual Memberships. If a company applies for and is granted a Company Membership, (i) its employees will be ineligible to apply for Individual Memberships, and (ii) any Individual Memberships previously granted to any employees of such company shall be voided. Please obtain proper approvals from your company before applying for an Individual Membership.

Depending on the membership type selected, SOD points will be logged accordingly. Company Memberships will accrue and redeem SOD points on a total company wide basis. Individual Memberships will accrue and redeem SOD points on an individual basis. Subject to the above conditions, there is no limit to the number of employees from a particular company who can apply for Individual Memberships. However, only the first three employees from the same company to be enrolled by Hendrickson as Individual Members will receive a free Hendrickson Golf Shirt. SOD Program members are limited to two SOD orders per week, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Hendrickson. If you order more than three SOD lift axles in a single order, the fourth plus SOD lift axle(s) will be shipped within Hendrickson's normal lead time, typically two weeks. After the first five SOD points are earned, Hendrickson will issue a $50.00 check directly to the applicable individual or company member. FREE freight on the next order after accumulating every 10 SOD points will only apply (i) to complete SOD lift axles purchased, not parts, and (ii) to freight costs up to, but not exceeding, $800.00 for such next order.

Each of the following incentives can ONLY be used once until a total balance of 50 SOD points is reached: (i) $50.00 cash back for the first five SOD points earned; (ii) $200.00 off a SOD lift axle for the first 15 SOD points earned; (iii) FREE SOD lift axle of your choice (including FREE freight) for each 50 SOD points earned. Once 50 SOD points are accumulated and used for a free SOD lift axle, your SOD points balance will start back at zero. SOD members purchasing any SOD lift axles from a Hendrickson distributor, rather than directly from Hendrickson, can still earn SOD points by forwarding a copy of your invoice or other proof of purchase to Hendrickson. When referencing an "order," this refers to SOD lift axles ONLY. Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems reserves the right to set you up as a direct account.

SOD points accrued within the first 12 months after becoming a SOD member must be redeemed within that 12 month period. Likewise, SOD points accrued within each subsequent 12 month period must be redeemed within such 12 month period. SOD points cannot be carried over into the next 12 month period. SOD members must place at least 10 SOD orders per each 12 month period in order to maintain active membership in the SOD Program. See Hendrickson publication H624 for full warranty details.

The SOD Program is administered by Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems, a division of Hendrickson USA, L.L.C., 277 North High Street, Hebron, OH 43025-5600. For questions regarding the SOD Program, call 740-929-5600. Hendrickson reserves the right to terminate and / or revise SOD Program at any time.