6x2 Liftable Forward Tandem Axle and Suspension System
OPTIMIZE fuel economy and weight savings
on Freightliner New Cascadia®


Features and Benefits

Hendrickson’s OPTIMAAX® system is a revolutionary 6×2 solution to help fleets save fuel cost, tire wear and weight with comparable handling to 6×4 tandem axle configurations. Operating as a liftable axle in the forward tandem position, this system provides versatility for fleets with variable loads. The OPTIMAAX system is ideal for fleets in need of additional flexibility for on-highway tractor applications.

OPTIMIZE Automated Controls

Proprietary program logic controls lift axle movement, load transfer

  • Fully automated controls eliminates driver intervention
  • Automates axle lowering and lifting by sensing load capacities


Axle configuration saves weight and can help improve fuel economy

  • Achieves fuel economy improvement through eliminating one drive axle (6×2 configuration)
  • Provides fuel economy improvement through lifting the non-drive axle (4×2 configuration)
  • Lifted axle saves on tire wear to help reduce tire maintenance costs
  • Potential savings on toll charges

OPTIMIZE Traction and Handling

Lifted axle provides increased traction by increasing drive axle load

  • Improved traction when backing under trailers in soft soil or wet conditions versus traditional 6×2
  • Maintains vehicle handling characteristics by keeping the drive axle behind the fifth wheel


  • Ideal for diminishing load carriers such as: bulk haulers, grocery, livestock, beverage or applications experiencing empty back hauls
  • Includes integrated lift axle, suspension and automated controls
  • Available in 20,000 pound capacity
  • Compatible with disc and drum brakes

RUN Position

Axle lowered for 6×2 configuration — The OPTIMAAX system senses higher load conditions and lowers the non-drive axle

LIFT Position

Axle lifted for 4×2 configuration — The OPTIMAAX system senses lighter load conditions and lifts the non-drive axle

Actual product performance may vary depending upon liftable axle and vehicle confi guration, operation, service and other factors.






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