Program Value

HVSI program provides value regardless the professional role of the participants or what sector they work.

Fleets (in-house or sourced maintenance)

  • Design new vehicle maintenance plans and minimize life cycle costs
  • Knowledge of best practices and service parts can increase up-time
  • Develop new value-added programs with service partners and suppliers

OES Dealer (part sales and service)

  • Expand sales opportunities by learning parts and service practices regardless of their brand (learning the system)
  • Increase return per labor hour by diagnosing and servicing faster
  • Turn inventory faster by having the most efficient kits for their customers

Independent Repair Shops and Distributors

  • Separate “myths” from facts to deliver the best service
  • Retain more loyal customers by selling a total solution (parts and service)
  • Increase the value of part sales staff through understanding how the parts work together (content per repair, upsell)

“I would not keep coming back… if they were not good. Your rep’s do a great job…”

Bob Steger, Standard Spring

Latest Information

You will be updated on the latest Hendrickson products, service and maintenance techniques, and also receive supporting Hendrickson documentation, such as technical material and publications.

Increased Efficiency

Save time and money. After attending an HVSI training session, you will have the peace of mind that when you return to your work-place, you will have the knowledge to conduct diagnostics and repairs correctly and efficiently. You will be able to put into practice procedures that can save you and your customer(s) time and money.

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