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AERO BRIGHT® Brilliant, "Chrome-like" Non-Metal Products

Hendrickson combined the industry's leading weatherable film technology and advanced lightweight engineered thermoplastics with a unique manufacturing process to create HENDRICKSON AERO BRIGHT® . This technology enables Hendrickson to provide ...Read More

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AERO CLAD Stainless Steel-Clad Aluminum

Thanks to advanced materials and state of the art metal forming technologies, Hendrickson's lightweight aerodynamic metal bumpers are more corrosive resistant and durable then ever before. AERO CLAD's stainless steel finish is 10 times thicker tha...Read More

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AERO GUARD® Heavy-duty Bumper

Hendrickson’s new AERO GUARD® technology utilizes a unique combination of material, process and part design, to raise the bar for large, structural, Class A plastic components such as bumpers, side-fairings, sunvisors, cab extenders and ...Read More

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Solid Stainless Steel
Solid Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

Provides a bright mirrored finish that resists corrosion, peeling rust and fading. A Solid Stainless Steel bumper is as durable as a steel bumper.

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