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Air Kit Configurator

Welcome to the air kit configuration tool. Using the tool below, you can configure a specific Hendrickson air kit to control your lift axle. Once you complete your configuration, a part number will be displayed at the bottom of the configurator window, which you will be able to print. At that point, please call 800-660-2829 or 800-660-2843 to review your lift axle and air kit specifications and locate a distributor in your area.

* These recommendations are intended only as a guide in determining the proper air kit needed to control your vehicle's lift axle. Please consult Hendrickson or your truck manufacturer/dealer to review applicable air control kits for your vehicle and intended application.


How to use the air kit configurator
To find your part number, use the pull down menu to select the specific air kit options that you need for your lift axle and vehicle (fixed or steerable suspension type, number of lift axles to control, location of controls, etc.). Once an option is selected, use the NEXT button to proceed to the next option.

Your selected options will appear on the right side of the configurator as each selection is made. When the selection process is complete, the part number for your specific air kit will appear at the bottom of the air kit configurator. You can use the PRINT button to print out the summary of your configuration or the RESET button to make another selection.