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STEERTEK NXT BUS-RV Front Steer Axle For Bus/RV

Chosen by many OEMs as the standard axle for select vehicle models, STEERTEK NXT is approved for on-highway and medium-duty trucks, buses and motorhome applications and is available in capacities up to 14,600 lbs.

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AIRTEK® BUS/RV Integrated Front Air Suspension and Steer Axle System

AIRTEK's unique design provides stability, improved ride and comfort, and reduced maintenance over standard suspensions for applications rated between 12,000-14,600 pounds. AIRTEK®, combined with STEERTEK axle, forms a torsion system to in...Read More

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SOFTEK® BUS/RV Integrated Front Suspension and Steer Axle System

SOFTEK® is an integrated front suspension and robotically welded steer axle that work together to form an integrated torsion system. This lightweight system delivers enhanced ride, stability and handling characteristics while reducing weight a...Read More

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IFS™ Independent Front Suspension

The Hendrickson IFS™ delivers superior ride and handling compared to standard front mechanical and air suspensions. With up to 57 degrees of wheel cut, the IFS provides exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces. The cutting-edge s...Read More

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PARASTEER™ Front Air Suspension

With 100% of load carried on heavy-duty air springs, PARASTEER provides premium passenger and driver comfort, exceptional stability and handling, and low maintenance. Compatible with both front and rear-engine school and commercial buses, PARASTEE...Read More

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COMFORT AIR® Single Axle Rear Air Suspension

Designed with the passenger and driver in mind, COMFORT AIR® delivers outstanding comfort along with exceptional handling characteristics for buses, ambulances, and motorhomes.

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HAS™ Single-Axle Series
HAS™ Single-Axle Series Single-Axle Rear Air Suspension

The durable construction of Hendrickson's HAS™ rear air suspension improves handling characteristics and reduces scheduled maintenance. Large-volume air springs and premium shocks absorbers provide a softer ride and greater protection from t...Read More

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HTB® 210
HTB® 210 Lightweight, Non-torque Reactive Rear Air Suspension

Hendrickson's lightweight, non-torque reactive HTB® rear air suspension system combines superior ride and stability with reduced weight and scheduled maintenance. The parallelogram design controls suspension windup and corresponding fram...Read More

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HTB® Mechanical
HTB® Mechanical Non-torque Reactive Rear Mechanical Suspension

Hendrickson's lightweight, non-torque reactive HTB® rear mechanical suspension system combines excellent ride and stability with reduced weight and scheduled maintenance. The parallelogram design controls suspension windup and corresp...Read More

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HTS™ Mechanical Suspension

Hendrickson’s single drive axle spring suspension is designed around proven durability, stability and ride quality. HTS delivers the reliability and quality expected from a Hendrickson suspension.

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