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Executive Bios

John Boler Chairman of the Board of The Boler Company Matthew J. Boler President and Chief Executive Officer of The Boler Company Gary Gerstenslager President and Chief Executive Officer, Hendrickson
Perry Bahr Vice President / General Manager, Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems Matt Joy Vice President / General Manager, Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems Rence Oliphant Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing Mike Keeler Vice President, Advance Technology Andrew Martin Vice President of International Operations Arthur Mitsel General Manager, Hendrickson Asia Pacific Helfried Jelinek General Managing Director of Hendrickson Commercial Vehicle Systems Europe Mark Page Managing Director, Hendrickson UK Zhonghou Zhao Managing Director, Hendrickson China Mohit Khosla Managing Director, Hendrickson India Rick Johnson Vice President, Information Technology David Templeton Vice President, Human Resources David Norris Vice President, Finance Kevin Mullinax Vice President, Purchasing